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Cali Life Style Cds

$10.00 - On Sale

Classic Chicano rap CDs from the 90's. Limited supply take a trip down memory lane and pick up a copy today!!
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Cali life style

Mexican Invasion

1.Ordinary Day
2.Time To Glide
3.Down From The Get Go
5.Coastin' (Ft. Raylene)
6.Down For My Crown
7.Sucka Free
8.Very Next Day
9.Float On (Ft. Buddy Love)

Tell it like it is

1.Get Higher
2.Below Zero
3.The Night Is Right
4.Southern Cali
5.Back Streets
6.What's Up Girl
7.Too Smooth
8.Puttin' In Work
9.Just Another Night
10.My Vision
11.Between The Streets
12.Are You Ready